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Features & Benefits: 

1. Nominated Suppliers with Preferential Prices and Payments Terms

As a Member you will have access to all Ouse and Cherwell's suppliers (both national and local) to either use as an individual or benefit from bulk negotiated terms.  As so many farm inputs costs fluctuate on a daily basis (for example fuel and fertiliser), these orders are placed from the office to gain the best price on the day to suit your requirements.

2. Efficient Accounting Procedures

All purchases during the month are charged to your Ouse and Cherwell Account and then processed by our team.  At the end of each month a statement with your spend is produced which is itemised and sent together with all original invoices.

3. Effective Invoice Querying

Each month there is a time window to query any invoices.  Any account queries can be discussed with the team for effective resolution and issue of credit notes.

4. One Monthly Payment

One single payment is taken by direct debit saving multiple payments and bank charges.

5. Balanced Approach to your Purchasing

At Ouse and Cherwell we do not insist on total commitment for all purchases.  We recognise that long standing loyalties still count for something and you have the freedom of choice.  That said the more volume that goes through The Group the better our leverage becomes.

6. Monthly Newsletter

Every month we produce a topical newsletter which includes updates on commodity prices, market conditions, news on suppliers and deals for the Membership.  We also have an ever growing Classified Section for Members to advertise. This is free for Members. Our stance is to keep the newsletter short and sharp with more detailed information and supplier offers appearing on our website.

7. Ouse and Cherwell Website

Our website is always being updated with news, views, industry updates and supplier offers. These are mostly contained within the secure Member's area.

8. Mobile Phone Text SMS Service

We provide a mobile phone text service (when necessary), where news from the market or suppliers requires a more immediate response.

9. Fuel Cards

O&C can provide you with fuel cards.  These cards are invoiced on your monthly statement and there is no monthly charge or minimum usage on these.  There is a range of different cards to choose the right card to match the fuel stations in your area.  Typical fuel savings are between 3p & 15p per litre (gross).

10. Electricity Contracts

We are able to help members secure better deals when looking at renewing electricity contracts.  O&C work with most of the main utility companies and we can get prices for contracts starting up to one year ahead.


It should be noted that Ouse and Cherwell act as the agent in all transactions and not as principle.  We do not add a levy to supplier invoices but charge a flat monthly fee for Membership.